Cat holiday

Claudia's cat holiday, the new premium cattery near Vienna, offers your cat the full pampering program.

With the permission of the veterinary inspection office Mistelbach, we will open our cat house from 5th December 2016 onwards. On this occasion, we are organizing open days on the 2nd and 3rd December. Visit us! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the cat hotel

We have made it to our mission to provide the best possible care for your pet during your absence.

The cat hotel is completely adapted to the needs of the velvet paw and allows a stay in about 200 square meters over two floors and an outdoor enclosure with approximately 170 square meters and a stay in company.

A whole domicile only for cats!

Necessary medicines are conscientiously supplied
Support by Frau Mag. Trimpop (regional veterinarian )
Daily fur or eye care (if the cat allows)
Photo documentation per WhatsApp or Facebook

In the hotel several cats of different age and origin meet. This is why hygiene is indispensable, this means not only the cleaning and disinfecting of the hotel rooms but also the active assistance of the cat owners to avoid infectious diseases or the transmission of parasites is needed. For this reason, the conditions of admission are an absolute prerequisite for accommodate your cat.

If you are currently planning the castration or sterilization of your cats, then a minimum of 4 weeks interval must be ensured prior the stay in the hotel for various reasons: an operation is stressful and an early change of location is not recommended afterwards. Furthermore, the surgical scar must heal well. The suture must be properly closed, healed and dry. Your cat should not go around unnecessarily during this time..

Your cat must have an active vaccination protection. Usually it has to be refreshed annually. However, there are now also vaccines that offer protection for two or three years. When you need to vaccinate, your veterinarian will record your vaccination pass. If your cat is in the middle of the vaccination year, so you have an active vaccination protection, you do not have to be vaccinated again before delivery.

Otherwise: at least 3 weeks prior to the hotel period, preferably earlier.

The immune system works after vaccination on high tours to form antibodies. During this time, stress factors such as change of location should not be present, because this can promote the onset of a disease.

The following vaccinations are compulsory:

Cat sniffing
Cat pelvic (panleukopenia)
Rabies among freecats

These vaccinations are advisable but not mandatory:

Leukosis for cats up to 10 years

Optional vaccinations:

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

Please apply a prophylaxis in the form of a Spot On preparation 14 days before delivery (not earlier and not later). NO free-market alternative preparation (e.g., neem oil) and NO repelent. These remedies do not have sufficient effect and a towed flea in a cat hotel is no fun. Please refer to the veterinarian's preparations. (Note: Tea tree oil is toxic to cats !!)

10 days before delivery please deworm with a Spot On preparation, tablet or paste. Please do not hesitate to contact the veterinarian and use a sufficient preperation. Deworming, which bring living worms to elimination are not acceptable! Again, make sure that the preparation works against ALL worm species. There is now a Spot On preparation (for example, Broadline, Advocat) on the market which acts in one step against ecto- AND endoparasites. Please consult your veterinarian to see if it can be used with your cat. If you have problems with the administration of the preparations, there is also the possibility to syringe with your veterinarian. Very important note: there are bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases which can also be transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses). Please act in your own interest and carry out the pre-treatment before delivery of your pet.

Visit us, get to know me and check out the premises for your cat. Please make an appointment by phone. When bringing your cat, we will fill out a registration form together.

We reserve the right not to accept registered cats if the state of health is suspected of transmitting diseases to other guest cats or if no valid vaccination protection can be demonstrated.

If cats are affected during their stay, they will be treated immediately. These treatment costs are not included in the pension price and are additionally charged.

Each cat should have a flea & tick protection when recording is not older than 14 days. If this is not available, it can be paid for here (€ 7,00 per cat).

Expat veterinarian costs due to illness of the cat during the stay in the pension must be reimbursed by the owner. In the case of the proven introduction of pests (e.g., fleas), the cat's owner bears the resulting medical and disinfecting costs in the pension.

A liability of the pension is expressly rejected in case of transmission of infectious diseases and injuries, which mutually inflict the cats, as well as at the outbreak of the cat from the pension.

The recording is always at the own risk of the owner!